Air – plasma cutting of metals

Air – plasma cutting of metals

воздушно-плазменная резка металла ООО «ОНИКС НТЦ» 1

LLC “ONIX NTC” offers customers services for plasma cutting of metal, we strive to keep the best prices, but at the same time provide high quality work in the shortest possible time. This is facilitated by the high qualification of the staff, as well as the manufacturability of the metalworking process.

To perform plasma cutting services, our company uses high-precision equipment with software that allows you to choose the most optimal processing modes for different types of metals with different thicknesses.

Our equipment is characterized by high speed, cutting accuracy and is designed for cutting almost any kind of metal.

With the help of plasma, it is possible to produce a part of any complexity accurately, with optimal costs of technical and human resources.

Benefits of Plasma Cutting

  • high quality cut;
  • the ability to manufacture parts of any shape, including complex curly;
  • high cutting speed;
  • lack of sagging on the cutting edge;
  • reduction of production losses of metal due to accuracy and minimum cutting width;
  • lower cost than laser and waterjet, without sacrificing quality;
  • the possibility of processing any type of metal (ferrous, non-ferrous, refractory, etc.).

We provide the following services

  • production of parts from metal sheets with rectilinear and figured contours;
  • cutting holes of various shapes in metal;
  • cutting of strips, profiles, pipes, bars;
  • cutting blanks for subsequent machining and welding.