Balancing parts and assemblies

Balancing parts and assemblies

The company “ONIX STC” is a professional in its field. We have at our disposal high-quality expensive equipment and many years of experience of qualified specialists. Thanks to this, our team of professionals performs dynamic balancing of the rotor of turbine units at a high level of quality.

We also carry out statistical balancing of the rotor, rotating mechanisms and parts that are used in various industrial units. If you need to balance the rotor of the electric motor, then our masters will be happy to help you by completing the order as quickly and efficiently as possible.

For more than 15 years, we have been performing dynamic balancing of shafts, rotors, electric motors, centrifuges, crushers, grinders, screws, electric machines, pumps, turbines, etc. Our company has all the necessary specialized equipment and a responsible attitude to work.

We guarantee that the balancing of the rotor and other elements will be carried out at the highest level of professionalism. You can be sure that the diagnostics and balancing of the electric motor will be performed as accurately and efficiently as possible.

The list of works performed during the balancing process:

  • Preparation of tools and balance item;
  • Carrying out measurements to determine the parameters of the initial vibration;
  • Calculation of masses and installation angles of corrective weights;
  • Installation of corrective weights, measurement of residual vibration in order to check the quality of balancing;
  • Completion of balancing (registration of the protocol).

For questions on vibration examination and balancing of equipment, write to messengers by phone +3098-010-16-18 (engineer for vibration examination and balancing of dynamic equipment)