Axleless augers

Axleless augers

Axleless screws (axleless screw spirals) are used in the production of axleless screw conveyors. One of the key activities of our company is the production and supply of reliable, modern conveyor equipment. In our company you can buy a flexible screw conveyor that meets any technical specifications.

High-quality materials and technologies are used in the production, which ensures high quality of the finished structure. Flexible spiral conveyors around the world are considered one of the most efficient and convenient units for transporting powdered, granular and fine-grained materials.

One of the most important advantages of this type of equipment is the ability to build complex and compact spatial highways in small areas or areas where there is limited space for conventional transport systems.

The main advantages of screw conveyors with axleless screws compared to rigid (axial) screw conveyors are:

  1. Low noise
  2. Due to the lack of bearings, the transported mass does not stagnate inside, it is not pressed
  3. Gentle material handling – minimal fraction breakage
  4. Low operating costs and power consumption
  5. Simplicity and reliability of design, as well as ease of maintenance
  6. Lack of spatial restriction of the direction of movement
  7. No dead zones due to the use of a screw without a central axis
  8. Low investment costs and fast payback.
  9. Durability of operation without repair and maintenance
  10. Full sealing, allowing material to be transported without dust.